al_ustr_append man page

al_ustr_append — Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>

bool al_ustr_append(ALLEGRO_USTR *us1, const ALLEGRO_USTR *us2)


Append us2 to the end of us1.

Returns true on success, false on error.

This function can be used to append an arbitrary buffer:

  al_ustr_append(us, al_ref_buffer(&info, buf, size));

See Also

al_ustr_append_cstr(3), al_ustr_append_chr(3), al_ustr_appendf(3), al_ustr_vappendf(3)

Referenced By

al_ustr_append_chr(3), al_ustr_append_cstr(3), al_ustr_appendf(3), al_ustr_insert(3), al_ustr_vappendf(3).

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