al_set_display_flag - Man Page

Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>

bool al_set_display_flag(ALLEGRO_DISPLAY *display, int flag, bool onoff)


Enable or disable one of the display flags. The flags are the same as for al_set_new_display_flags(3). The only flags that can be changed after creation are:

Returns true if the driver supports toggling the specified flag else false. You can use al_get_display_flags(3) to query whether the given display property actually changed.


5.0.7, 5.1.2

See Also

al_set_new_display_flags(3), al_get_display_flags(3)

Referenced By

al_get_display_flags(3), al_get_new_display_flags(3).

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