al_set_bitmap_blender - Man Page

Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>

void al_set_bitmap_blender(int op, int src, int dest)


Sets the function to use for blending when rendering to the target bitmap. If no blender is set for a given bitmap at draw time, the values set for al_set_blender(3)/al_set_separate_blender(3) are used instead.

To use separate functions for chroma (RGB) and alpha channels, use al_set_separate_bitmap_blender(3).

See al_set_blender(3) for more information about how blending works.

See Also

al_set_separate_bitmap_blender(3), al_reset_bitmap_blender(3)



[Unstable API]: New API.

Referenced By

al_get_bitmap_blender(3), al_reset_bitmap_blender(3), al_set_bitmap_blend_color(3), al_set_separate_bitmap_blender(3).

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