al_play_sample man page

al_play_sample — Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro_audio.h>

bool al_play_sample(ALLEGRO_SAMPLE *spl, float gain, float pan, float speed,


Plays a sample on one of the sample instances created by al_reserve_samples(3). Returns true on success, false on failure. Playback may fail because all the reserved sample instances are currently used.


See Also

ALLEGRO_PLAYMODE(3), ALLEGRO_AUDIO_PAN_NONE(3), ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_ID(3), al_stop_sample(3), al_stop_samples(3), al_lock_sample_id(3).

Referenced By

al_get_default_mixer(3), ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_ID(3), al_lock_sample_id(3), al_reserve_samples(3), al_restore_default_mixer(3), al_set_default_mixer(3), al_stop_sample(3), al_stop_samples(3), al_unlock_sample_id(3).

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