al_load_bitmap_flags_f man page

al_load_bitmap_flags_f — Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>

ALLEGRO_BITMAP *al_load_bitmap_flags_f(ALLEGRO_FILE *fp,
   const char *ident, int flags)


Loads an image from an ALLEGRO_FILE(3) stream into a new ALLEGRO_BITMAP(3). The file type is determined by the passed 'ident' parameter, which is a file name extension including the leading dot. If (and only if) 'ident' is NULL, the file type is determined with al_identify_bitmap_f(3) instead.

The flags parameter is the same as for al_load_bitmap_flags(3).

Returns NULL on error. The file remains open afterwards.

Note: the core Allegro library does not support any image file formats by default. You must use the allegro_image addon, or register your own format handler.



See Also

al_load_bitmap_f(3), al_load_bitmap_flags(3)

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