al_insert_menu_item - Man Page

Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro_native_dialog.h>

int al_insert_menu_item(ALLEGRO_MENU *parent, int pos, char const *title,
   uint16_t id, int flags, ALLEGRO_BITMAP *icon, ALLEGRO_MENU *submenu)


Inserts a menu item at the spot specified. See the introductory text for a detailed explanation of how the pos parameter is interpreted.

The parent menu can be a popup menu or a regular menu. To underline one character in the title, prefix it with an ampersand.

The flags can be any combination of:


The item is “grayed out” and cannot be selected.


The item is a check box. This flag can only be set at the time the menu is created. If a check box is clicked, it will automatically be toggled.


The item is checked. If set, ALLEGRO_MENU_ITEM_CHECKBOX will automatically be set as well.

The icon is not yet supported.

The submenu parameter indicates that this item contains a child menu. The child menu must have previously been created with al_create_menu, and not be associated with any other menu.

Returns true on success.



See Also

al_append_menu_item(3), al_remove_menu_item(3)

Referenced By

al_append_menu_item(3), al_get_menu_item_flags(3), ALLEGRO_MENU_INFO(3), al_remove_menu_item(3), al_set_menu_item_flags(3), al_toggle_menu_item_flags(3).

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