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al_ftofix - Man Page

Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>

al_fixed al_ftofix(double x);


Converts a floating point value to fixed point. Unlike al_itofix(3), this function clamps values which could overflow the type conversion, setting Allegro’s errno to ERANGE in the process if this happens.


al_fixed number;

number = al_itofix(-40000);
assert(al_fixfloor(number) == -32768);

number = al_itofix(64000);
assert(al_fixfloor(number) == 32767);
assert(!al_get_errno()); /* This will fail. */

Return Value

Returns the value of the floating point value converted to fixed point clamping overflows (and setting Allegro’s errno).

See Also

al_fixtof(3), al_itofix(3), al_fixtoi(3), al_get_errno(3)

Referenced By

al_fixtof(3), al_fixtoi(3), al_itofix(3).

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