al_free - Man Page

Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>

#define al_free(p) \
   (al_free_with_context((p), __LINE__, __FILE__, __func__))


Like free() in the C standard library, but the implementation may be overridden.

Additionally, on Windows, a memory block allocated by one DLL must be freed from the same DLL. In the few places where an Allegro function returns a pointer that must be freed, you must use al_free(3) for portability to Windows.

This is a macro.

See Also

al_malloc(3), al_free_with_context(3)

Referenced By

al_create_sample(3), al_cstr_dup(3), al_destroy_sample(3), al_free_with_context(3), al_get_clipboard_text(3), al_get_current_directory(3), al_malloc(3).

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