al_color_rgb_to_html man page

al_color_rgb_to_html — Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro_color.h>

void al_color_rgb_to_html(float red, float green, float blue,
    char *string)


Create an HTML-style string representation of an ALLEGRO_COLOR(3), e.g. #00faff.


red, green, blue - The color components in the range 0..1.
string - A pointer to a buffer of at least 8 bytes, into which the result will be written (including the NUL terminator).


char html[8];
al_color_rgb_to_html(1, 0, 0, html);

Now html will contain "#ff0000".

See Also

al_color_html(3), al_color_html_to_rgb(3)

Referenced By

al_color_html(3), al_color_html_to_rgb(3).

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