al_color_hsl_to_rgb man page

al_color_hsl_to_rgb — Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro_color.h>

void al_color_hsl_to_rgb(float hue, float saturation, float lightness,
   float *red, float *green, float *blue)


Convert values in HSL color model to RGB color model.


hue - Color hue angle in the range 0..360.
saturation - Color saturation in the range 0..1.
lightness - Color lightness in the range 0..1.
red, green, blue - returned RGB values in the range 0..1.

See Also

al_color_rgb_to_hsl(3), al_color_hsl(3), al_color_hsv_to_rgb(3)

Referenced By

al_color_hsl(3), al_color_hsv_to_rgb(3), al_color_rgb_to_hsl(3).

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