afSetVirtualByteOrder - Man Page

set the virtual data format for a track in an audio file


#include <audiofile.h>
int afSetVirtualByteOrder (AFfilehandle file, int track, int byteOrder);
int afSetVirtualChannels (AFfilehandle file, int track, int channels);
int afSetVirtualSampleFormat (AFfilehandle file, int track,
    int sampleFormat, int sampleWidth);
int afSetVirtualPCMMapping (AFfilehandle file, int track,
    double slope, double intercept, double minclip, double maxclip);


Return Value

These functions return 0 for success and -1 for failure.


Michael Pruett <>

Referenced By

The man pages afSetVirtualChannels(3), afSetVirtualPCMMapping(3) and afSetVirtualSampleFormat(3) are aliases of afSetVirtualByteOrder(3).

03/06/2013 Audio File Library 0.3.6