adime_font - Man Page

adime_font, adime_title_font, adime_button_font


#include <adime.h>

FONT *adime_font;

FONT *adime_title_font;

FONT *adime_button_font;


The font used in general by Adime dialogs and objects, the font for the title of the dialogs and the font for the OK and Cancel buttons. If one of them is NULL (they all are by default), Allegro´s `font´ will be used.

See Also

adime_dialogf(3), adime_bmp(3)

Referenced By

adime_bmp(3), adime_dialogf(3).

The man pages adime_button_font(3) and adime_title_font(3) are aliases of adime_font(3).

version 2.2.1 Adime API Reference