adime_draw_text_button - Man Page


#include <adime.h>

void adime_draw_text_button(BITMAP *bmp, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, int face_color, int text_color, int xlight, int light, int dark, int xdark, const FONT *f, const char *text)


Draws a button with a text on it, at the given position of the bitmap and using the given colors and font.

See Also

adime_draw_text_button_down(3), adime_draw_empty_button(3), adime_draw_picture_button(3)

Referenced By

adime_draw_empty_button(3), adime_draw_picture_button(3), adime_draw_text_button_down(3).

version 2.2.1 Adime API Reference