adime_d_calc_edit_result_proc - Man Page


#include <adime.h>

int adime_d_calc_edit_result_proc(int msg, DIALOG *d, int c);


Dialog proc for the result of a calculator edit box. The difference between this and Allegro´s `d_text_proc()´ is that it uses the c parameter to find the color to draw with (see `d_double_calc_edit_proc()´), and it also erases its whole area even if the text doesn´t fill it.

See Also

adime_d_int_calc_edit_proc(3), adime_d_double_calc_edit_proc(3)

Referenced By

adime_d_double_calc_edit_proc(3), adime_d_int_calc_edit_proc(3).

version 2.2.1 Adime API Reference