aa_parseoptions man page

aa_parseoptions — parse the standard command line options used by AA-lib.


#include <aalib.h>

int aa_parseoptions
struct aa_hardware_params *p,
aa_renderparams *r,
int *argc,
char **argv


struct aa_hardware_params *p

Hardware parameters structure to alter. It is expected that this structure only with necessary modifications will be later used to initialize the AA-lib context.

aa_renderparams *r

Rendering prameters structure to alter. It is expected that this structure only with necessary modifications will be later used to render images.

int *argc

Pointer to argc parameter passed to function "main".

char **argv

Pointer to argv parameter passed to function "main".


Use this function to parse the standard command line options used by AA-lib. Every AA-lib program ought to call this function to let user specify some extra parameters.  The function alters the aa_hardware_params and aa_renderparams structures and removes known options from the argc/argv lists. It also parse the AAOPTS environment variable. When called with NULL for the argc/argv parameters, it parses AAOPTS only. At least this call ought to be in every AA-lib program.


1 when sucesfull and 0 on failure. The program then can print the help text available in aa_help variable.

See Also

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Referenced By

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