_alpm_event_t man page

_alpm_event_t — Events.


#include <alpm.h>

Data Fields

alpm_event_type_t type

alpm_event_any_t any

alpm_event_package_operation_t package_operation

alpm_event_optdep_removal_t optdep_removal

alpm_event_delta_patch_t delta_patch

alpm_event_scriptlet_info_t scriptlet_info

alpm_event_database_missing_t database_missing

alpm_event_pkgdownload_t pkgdownload

alpm_event_pacnew_created_t pacnew_created

alpm_event_pacsave_created_t pacsave_created

alpm_event_hook_t hook

alpm_event_hook_run_t hook_run

Detailed Description


This is an union passed to the callback, that allows the frontend to know which type of event was triggered (via type). It is then possible to typecast the pointer to the right structure, or use the union field, in order to access event-specific data.


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