_alpm_event_package_operation_t man page

_alpm_event_package_operation_t —


Data Fields

alpm_event_type_t type
Type of event.
alpm_package_operation_t operation
Type of operation.
alpm_pkg_t * oldpkg
Old package.
alpm_pkg_t * newpkg
New package.

Field Documentation

alpm_pkg_t* _alpm_event_package_operation_t::newpkg

New package.

alpm_pkg_t* _alpm_event_package_operation_t::oldpkg

Old package.

alpm_package_operation_t _alpm_event_package_operation_t::operation

Type of operation.

Referenced by alpm_add_pkg().

alpm_event_type_t _alpm_event_package_operation_t::type

Type of event.

Referenced by alpm_remove_pkg().


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