XtRealizeWidget - Man Page

realize and unrealize widgets


#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>

void XtRealizeWidget(Widget w);

Boolean XtIsRealized(Widget w);

void XtUnrealizeWidget(Widget w);



Specifies the widget.


If the widget is already realized, XtRealizeWidget simply returns. Otherwise, it performs the following:

If the widget is a top-level shell widget (that is, it has no parent), and mapped_when_managed is True, XtRealizeWidget maps the widget window.

The XtIsRealized function returns True if the widget has been realized, that is, if the widget has a nonzero X window ID.

Some widget procedures (for example, set_values) might wish to operate differently after the widget has been realized.

The XtUnrealizeWidget function destroys the windows of an existing widget and all of its children (recursively down the widget tree). To recreate the windows at a later time, call XtRealizeWidget again. If the widget was managed, it will be unmanaged automatically before its window is freed.

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The man pages XtIsRealized(3) and XtUnrealizeWidget(3) are aliases of XtRealizeWidget(3).

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