XtPopdown - Man Page

unmap a pop-up


#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>

void XtPopdown(Widget popup_shell);

void XtCallbackPopdown(Widget w, XtPointer client_data, XtPointer call_data);


void XtMenuPopdown(String shell_name);



Specifies the callback data, which is not used by this procedure.


Specifies a pointer to the XtPopdownID structure.


Specifies the widget shell to pop down.


Specifies the name of the widget shell to pop down.


Specifies the widget.


The XtPopdown function performs the following:

The XtCallbackPopdown function casts the client data parameter to an XtPopdownID pointer:

typedef struct {
        Widget shell_widget;
        Widget enable_widget;
} XtPopdownIDRec, *XtPopdownID;

The shell_widget is the pop-up shell to pop down, and the enable_widget is the widget that was used to pop it up.

XtCallbackPopdown calls XtPopdown with the specified shell_widget and then calls XtSetSensitive to resensitize the enable_widget.

If a shell name is not given, XtMenuPopdown calls XtPopdown with the widget for which the translation is specified. If a shell_name is specified in the translation table, XtMenuPopdown tries to find the shell by looking up the widget tree starting at the parent of the widget in which it is invoked. If it finds a shell with the specified name in the pop-up children of that parent, it pops down the shell; otherwise, it moves up the parent chain as needed. If XtMenuPopdown gets to the application top-level shell widget and cannot find a matching shell, it generates an error.

See Also

XtCreatePopupShell(3), XtPopup(3)
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Referenced By

XtCreatePopupShell(3), XtPopup(3).

The man pages MenuPopdown(3) and XtCallbackPopdown(3) are aliases of XtPopdown(3).

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