XtManageChildren - Man Page

manage and unmanage children


#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>

typedef Widget *WidgetList;

void XtManageChildren(WidgetList children, Cardinal num_children);

void XtManageChild(Widget child);

void XtUnmanageChildren(WidgetList children, Cardinal num_children);

void XtUnmanageChild(Widget child);

void XtChangeManagedSet(WidgetList unmanage_children, Cardinal num_unmanage_children, XtDoChangeProc do_change_proc, XtPointer client_data, WidgetList manage_children, Cardinal num_manage_children);

Boolean XtIsManaged(Widget widget);



Specifies the child.


Specifies a list of child widgets.


Specifies the number of children.


Specifies the widget.


Specifies the list of widget children to add to the managed set.


Specifies the number of entries in the manage_children list.


Specifies the list of widget children to remove from the managed set.


Specifies the number of entries in the unmanage_children list.


Specifies the post unmanage, pre manage hook procedure to invoke.


Specifies the client data to be passed to the hook procedure.


The XtManageChildren function performs the following:

Managing children is independent of the ordering of children and independent of creating and deleting children. The layout routine of the parent should consider children whose managed field is True and should ignore all other children. Note that some composite widgets, especially fixed boxes, call XtManageChild from their insert_child procedure.

If the parent widget is realized, its change_managed procedure is called to notify it that its set of managed children has changed. The parent can reposition and resize any of its children. It moves each child as needed by calling XtMoveWidget, which first updates the x and y fields and then calls XMoveWindow if the widget is realized.

The XtManageChild function constructs a WidgetList of length one and calls XtManageChildren.

The XtUnmanageChildren function performs the following:

XtUnmanageChildren does not destroy the children widgets. Removing widgets from a parent's managed set is often a temporary banishment, and, some time later, you may manage the children again.

The XtUnmanageChild function constructs a widget list of length one and calls XtUnmanageChildren.

The XtChangeManagedSet function performs the following:

The XtIsManaged function returns True if the specified widget is of class RectObj or any subclass thereof and is managed, or False otherwise.

See Also

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Referenced By

XtMapWidget(3), XtRealizeWidget(3).

The man pages XtChangeManagedSet(3), XtIsManaged(3), XtManageChild(3), XtUnmanageChild(3) and XtUnmanageChildren(3) are aliases of XtManageChildren(3).

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