XmVaCreateArrowButton - Man Page

A ArrowButton widget convenience creation functions.


#include <Xm/ArrowB.h>

Widget XmVaCreateArrowButton(
Widget parent,
String name,

Widget XmVaCreateManagedArrowButton(
Widget parent,
String name,


These functions create an instance of a ArrowButton widget and returns the associated widget ID. These routines use the ANSI C variable-length argument list (varargs) calling convention.

The XmVaCreateArrowButton function is a convenience routine that calls XtCreateWidget.

The XmVaCreateManagedArrowButton function is a convenience routine that calls XtCreateManagedWidget.


Specifies the parent widget ID.


Specifies the name of the created widget.


Specifies the variable argument list to override the resource defaults.

For a complete definition of ArrowButton and its associated resources, see XmArrowButton(3).


Returns the ArrowButton widget ID.

Referenced By


The man page XmVaCreateManagedArrowButton(3) is an alias of XmVaCreateArrowButton(3).