XmTextSetStringWcs - Man Page

A Text function that sets a wide character string value


#include <Xm/Text.h>
void XmTextSetStringWcs(
Widget widget,
wchar_t *wcstring);


XmTextSetStringWcs sets the wide character string value of the Text widget. This routine calls the widget's XmNvalueChangedCallback and verification callbacks, either XmNmodifyVerifyCallback or XmNmodifyVerifyCallbackWcs, or both. If both verification callback lists are registered, the procedures of the XmNmodifyVerifyCallback list are executed first and the resulting data is passed to the XmNmodifyVerifyCallbackWcs callbacks. This function also sets the insertion cursor position to the beginning of the string and calls the widget's XmNmotionVerifyCallback callbacks.


Specifies the Text widget ID


Specifies the wide character string value

For a complete definition of Text and its associated resources, see XmText(3).

Referenced By

XmText(3), XmTextSetMaxLength(3), XmTextSetString(3).