XmStringGetNextSegment - Man Page

A compound string function that fetches the bytes in the next segment of a compound string


#include <Xm/Xm.h>
Boolean XmStringGetNextSegment(
XmStringContext context,
char **text,
XmStringTag *tag,
XmStringDirection *direction,
Boolean *separator);


This routine is obsolete and exists for compatibility with previous releases. To read the contents of a compound string, read each component of the string with XmStringGetNextTriple. This XmString function returns the type, length, and value of the next component in the compound string. XmStringGetNextSegment fetches the bytes in the next segment; repeated calls fetch sequential segments. The text, tag, and direction of the fetched segment are returned each time. A Boolean status is returned to indicate whether a valid segment was successfully parsed.

If the function returns True, then the function allocates space to hold the returned text and tag. The application is responsible for managing the allocated space. The application can recover the allocated space by calling XtFree.


Specifies the string context structure which was allocated by the XmStringInitContext function


Specifies a pointer to a NULL-terminated string


Specifies a pointer to the font list element tag associated with the text


Specifies a pointer to the direction of the text


Specifies whether the next component of the compound string is a separator


Returns True if a valid segment is found.

Referenced By

XmString(3), XmStringCreate(3).