XmStringFree man page

XmStringFree ā€” A compound string function that conditionally deallocates memory


#include <Xm/Xm.h>
void XmStringFree(
XmString string);


XmStringFree conditionally recovers memory used by a compound string. Applications should call XmStringFree when the application no longer needs string.


Specifies the compound string to be freed

Referenced By

XmCvtByteStreamToXmString(3), XmString(3), XmStringComponentCreate(3), XmStringConcat(3), XmStringConcatAndFree(3), XmStringCopy(3), XmStringCreate(3), XmStringGenerate(3), XmStringNConcat(3), XmStringNCopy(3), XmStringParseText(3), XmStringTableParseStringArray(3), XmStringTableToXmString(3).