XmRenderTableCvtFromProp - Man Page

A render table function that converts from a string representation to a render table


#include <Xm/Xm.h>
XmRenderTable XmRenderTableCvtFromProp(
Widget widget,
char *property,
unsigned int length);


XmRenderTableCvtFromProp converts a string of characters representing a render table to a render table. This routine is typically used by the destination of a data transfer operation to produce a render table from a transferred representation.


Specifies the widget that is the destination for the render table


Specifies a string of characters representing a render table


Specifies the number of bytes in property


Returns a render table. The function allocates space to hold the returned render table. The application is responsible for managing this allocated space. The application can recover this allocated space by calling XmRenderTableFree.

Referenced By

XmRenderTable(3), XmRenderTableCvtToProp(3).