XmChangeColor - Man Page

Recalculates all associated colors of a widget


#include <Xm/Xm.h>
void XmChangeColor(
Widget widget,
Pixel background);


XmChangeColor handles all color modifications for the specified widget when a new background pixel value is specified. This function recalculates the foreground, select, and shadow colors based on the new background color and sets the corresponding resources for the widget. If a color calculation procedure has been set by a call to XmSetColorCalculation, XmChangeColor uses that procedure to calculate the new colors. Otherwise, the routine uses a default procedure.


Specifies the widget ID whose colors will be updated


Specifies the background color pixel value

Referenced By

XmGetColorCalculation(3), XmGetColors(3), XmManager(3), XmPrimitive(3), XmSetColorCalculation(3).