XkbSetControls man page

XkbSetControls — Copies changes to the X server based on a modified ctrls  structure in a local copy of the keyboard description


Bool XkbSetControls (Display *display, unsigned long which, XkbDescPtr xkb);


- display

connection to X server

- which

mask of controls requested

- xkb

keyboard description for controls information


For each bit that is set in the which parameter, XkbSetControls sends the corresponding values from the xkb->ctrls field to the server. Valid values for which are any combination of the masks listed in Table 1 that have "ok" in the which column.

Table 1 shows the actual values for the individual mask bits used to select  controls for  modification and to enable and disable the control. Note that the same mask bit  is used to  specify general modifications to the parameters used to configure the control  (which), and to  enable and disable the control (enabled_ctrls). The anomalies in the table (no  "ok" in column)  are for controls that have no configurable attributes; and for controls that are  not boolean  controls and therefore cannot be enabled or disabled.

Table 1 Controls Mask Bits
Mask Bit which or enabled Value
changed_ctrls _ctrls
XkbRepeatKeysMask ok ok (1L<<0)
XkbSlowKeysMask ok ok (1L<<1)
XkbBounceKeysMask ok ok (1L<<2)
XkbStickyKeysMask ok ok (1L<<3)
XkbMouseKeysMask ok ok (1L<<4)
XkbMouseKeysAccelMask ok ok (1L<<5)
XkbAccessXKeysMask ok ok (1L<<6)
XkbAccessXTimeoutMask ok ok (1L<<7)
XkbAccessXFeedbackMask ok ok (1L<<8)
XkbAudibleBellMask ok (1L<<9)
XkbOverlay1Mask ok (1L<<10)
XkbOverlay2Mask ok (1L<<11)
XkbIgnoreGroupLockMask ok (1L<<12)
XkbGroupsWrapMask ok (1L<<27)
XkbInternalModsMask ok (1L<<28)
XkbIgnoreLockModsMask ok (1L<<29)
XkbPerKeyRepeatMask ok (1L<<30)
XkbControlsEnabledMask ok (1L<<31)
XkbAccessXOptionsMask ok ok (XkbStickyKeysMask |
XkbAllBooleanCtrlsMask ok (0x00001FFF)
XkbAllControlsMask ok (0xF8001FFF)

If xkb->ctrls is NULL, the server does not support a compatible version of Xkb, or the Xkb  extension has not been properly initialized, XkbSetControls returns False. Otherwise, it sends the request to the X server and returns True.

Note that changes to attributes of controls in the XkbControlsRec structure are  apparent only when the associated control is enabled, although the corresponding  values are still updated in the X server. For example, the repeat_delay and repeat_interval fields are ignored unless the RepeatKeys control is enabled (that is, the X  server's equivalent of xkb->ctrls has XkbRepeatKeyMask set in enabled_ctrls). It is permissible to modify the attributes of a control in one call to XkbSetControls and enable the control in a subsequent call. See XkbChangeEnabledControls for more information on enabling and disabling controls.

Note that the enabled_ctrls field is itself a control - the EnabledControls control. As such, to set a  specific configuration of enabled and disabled boolean controls, you must set enabled_ctrls to the appropriate bits to enable only the controls you want and disable all  others, then specify the XkbControlsEnabledMask in a call to XkbSetControls.

Because this is somewhat awkward if all you want to do is enable and disable  controls, and not modify any of their attributes, a convenience function is also  provided for this purpose, XkbChangeEnabledControls.

Return Values


The XkbSetControls function returns True when it sends the request to the X server.


The XkbSetControls function returns False when xkb->ctrls is NULL, the server does not support a compatible version of Xkb, or the Xkb  extension has not been properly initialized.



Unable to allocate storage


A compatible version of Xkb was not available in the server or an argument has  correct type and range, but is otherwise invalid

See Also

XkbChangeEnabledControls(3), XkbFreeControls(3)

Referenced By

XkbAllocDeviceLedInfo(3), XkbSetIgnoreLockMods(3), XkbSetServerInternalMods(3).

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