XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping - Man Page

Update the keyboard description that is internal to the X library


Status XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping (XkbMapNotifyEvent *event);



event initiating remapping


XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping is the Xkb equivalent of the core XRefreshKeyboardMapping function. It requests that the X server send the current key mapping information to  this client. A client usually invokes XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping after receiving an XkbMapNotify event. XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping returns Success if it succeeds and BadMatch if the event is not an Xkb event.

The XkbMapNotify event can be generated when some client calls XkbSetMap, XkbChangeMap, XkbGetKeyboardByName, or any of the standard X library functions that change the keyboard mapping or modifier  mapping.

Return Values


The XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping function returns Success when the request that the X server send the current key mapping information to  this client is successful.



A compatible version of Xkb was not available in the server or an argument has correct  type and range, but is otherwise invalid

See Also

XkbChangeMap(3), XkbGetKeyboardByName(3), XkbSetMap(3), XRefreshKeyboardMapping(3)

Referenced By


libX11 1.8.7 X Version 11 XKB FUNCTIONS