XkbIgnoreExtension - Man Page

Prevents core X library keyboard functions from using the X Keyboard Extension


Bool XkbIgnoreExtension (Bool *ignore);



True means ignore the extension


If a server supports the Xkb extension, the X library normally implements preXkb  keyboard functions using the Xkb keyboard description and state. The server Xkb  keyboard state may differ from the preXkb keyboard state. This difference does  not affect most clients, but there are exceptions. To allow these clients to  work properly, you may instruct the extension not to use Xkb functionality.

Call XkbIgnoreExtension to prevent core X library keyboard functions from using  the X Keyboard Extension. You must call XkbIgnoreExtension before you open a  server connection; Xkb does not provide a way to enable or disable use of the  extension once a connection is established.

XkbIgnoreExtension tells the X library whether to use the X Keyboard Extension  on any subsequently opened X display connections. If ignore is True, the library  does not initialize the Xkb extension when it opens a new display. This forces  the X server to use compatibility mode and communicate with the client using  only core protocol requests and events. If ignore is False, the library treats  subsequent calls to XOpenDisplay normally and uses Xkb extension requests,  events, and state. Do not explicitly use Xkb on a connection for which it is  disabled. XkbIgnoreExtension returns False if it was unable to apply the ignore  request.

Return Values


The XkbIgnoreExtension returns True if


The XkbIgnoreExtension function returns False if it was unable to apply the ignore request.

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libX11 1.8.7 X Version 11 XKB FUNCTIONS