XkbGetXlibControls man page

XkbGetXlibControls — Determines the current state of the Library Controls


unsigned int XkbGetXlibControls (Display *display);


- display
connection to X server


XkbGetXlibControls returns the current state of the Library Controls as a bit mask that is an inclusive OR of the control masks from Table 1 for the controls that are enabled. For the optional compose processing controls, the fact that a control is enabled does not imply that it is actually implemented.

Table 1 Library Control Masks
Library Control MaskValue
XkbLC_ForceLatin1Lookup(1 << 0)
XkbLC_ConsumeLookupMods(1 << 1)
XkbLC_AlwaysConsumeShiftAndLock(1 << 2)
XkbLC_IgnoreNewKeyboards(1 << 3)
XkbLC_ConsumeKeysOnComposeFail(1 << 29)
XkbLC_ComposeLED(1 << 30)
XkbLC_BeepOnComposeFail(1 << 31)


libX11 1.6.4 X Version 11 XKB FUNCTIONS