XMLTV::Configure - Man Page

Configuration file handling for XMLTV grabbers


Utility library that helps grabbers read from configuration files and implement a configuration method that can be run from the command-line.

Exported Functions

All these functions are exported on demand.


Takes the name of the configuration file to load as a parameter.

Returns a hashref with configuration fieldnames as keys. Note that the values of the hash are references to an array of values.

   username => [ 'mattias' ],
   password => [ 'xxx' ],
   channel => [ 'svt1.svt.se', 'kanal5.se' ],
   no_channel => ['svt2.svt.se' ],

Note that unselected options from a selectmany are collected in an entry named after the key with a prefix of 'no_'. See the channel and no_channel entry in the example. They are the result of a selectmany with id=channel.

The configuration file must be in the format described in the file “ConfigurationFiles.txt”. If the file does not exist or if the format is wrong, LoadConfig returns undef.


Write a configuration hash in the format returned by LoadConfig to a file that can be loaded with LoadConfig. Takes two parameters, a reference to a configuration hash and a filename.

Note that a grabber should normally never have to call SaveConfig. This is done by the Configure-method.


Generates a configuration file for the grabber.

Takes three parameters: stagesub, listsub and the name of the configuration file.

stagesub shall be a coderef that takes a stage-name or undef and a configuration hashref as a parameter and returns an xml-string that describes the configuration necessary for that stage. The xml-string shall follow the xmltv-configuration.dtd.

listsub shall be a coderef that takes a configuration hash as returned by LoadConfig as the first parameter and an option hash as returned by ParseOptions as the second parameter and returns an xml-string containing a list of all the channels that the grabber can deliver data for using the supplied configuration. Note that the listsub shall not use any channel-configuration from the hashref.


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