XAllowDeviceEvents - Man Page

release queued events


#include <X11/extensions/XInput.h>
int XAllowDeviceEvents( Display *display,
                        XDevice *device,
                        int event_mode,
                        Time time);
       Specifies the connection to the X server.
       Specifies the device from which events are to be
       Specifies the event mode. You can pass AsyncThisDevice,
       SyncThisDevice, ReplayThisDevice, AsyncOtherDevices,
       SyncAll, or AsyncAll.
       Specifies the time. You can pass either a timestamp or


The XAllowDeviceEvents function releases some queued events if the client has caused a device to freeze. It has no effect if the specified time is earlier than the last-grab time of the most recent active grab for the client and device, or if the specified time is later than the current X server time.

The following describes the processing that occurs depending on what constant you pass to the event_mode argument.

AsyncThisDevice, SyncThisDevice, and ReplayThisDevice have no effect on the processing of events from the remaining devices. AsyncOtherDevices has no effect on the processing of events from the specified device. When the event_mode is SyncAll or AsyncAll, the device parameter is ignored.

It is possible for several grabs of different devices by the same or different clients to be active simultaneously. If a device is frozen on behalf of any grab, no event processing is performed for the device. It is possible for a single device to be frozen because of several grabs. In this case, the freeze must be released on behalf of each grab before events can again be processed.

XAllowDeviceEvents can generate a BadDevice or BadValue error.


       An invalid device was specified. The specified device
       does not exist or has not been opened by this client via
       XOpenInputDevice. This error may also occur if the
       specified device is the X keyboard or X pointer device.
       An invalid mode was specified on the request.

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XGrabDevice(3), XGrabDeviceButton(3), XGrabDeviceKey(3).