X509_SIG_get0.3ssl - Man Page

DigestInfo functions


 #include <openssl/x509.h>

 void X509_SIG_get0(const X509_SIG *sig, const X509_ALGOR **palg,
                    const ASN1_OCTET_STRING **pdigest);
 void X509_SIG_getm(X509_SIG *sig, X509_ALGOR **palg,
                    ASN1_OCTET_STRING **pdigest,


X509_SIG_get0() returns pointers to the algorithm identifier and digest value in sig. X509_SIG_getm() is identical to X509_SIG_get0() except the pointers returned are not constant and can be modified: for example to initialise them.

Return Values

X509_SIG_get0() and X509_SIG_getm() return no values.

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The man page X509_SIG_getm.3ssl(3) is an alias of X509_SIG_get0.3ssl(3).

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