WildMidi_GetInfo - Man Page

get information on a midi




#include <wildmidi_lib.h>

struct _WM_Info *WildMidi_GetInfo (midi *handle);


Obtains information allowing you to determine song position, current options, and any copyright information.


The identifier obtained from opening a midi file with WildMidi_Open(3) or WildMidi_OpenBuffer(3)

Return Value

On error returns NULL with an error message displayed to stderr.

Otherwise returns a pointer to a struct containing the information.

struct _WM_Info {
   char *copyright;
   uint32_t current_sample;
   uint32_t approx_total_samples;
   uint32_t total_midi_time;
   uint16_t mixer_options;
   uint32_t total_midi_time;

A pointer to a \0 terminated string containing any copyright MIDI events found while processing the MIDI file handle refers to. If more than one copyright event was found then each one is separated by \n

If copyright is NULL then no copyright MIDI events were found.


This is the number of stereo samples libWildMidi has processed for the MIDI file referred to by handle. You can use this value to determine the current playing time by dividing this value by the rate given when libWildMidi was initialized by WildMidi_Init(3).


This is the total number of stereo samples libWildMidi expects to process. This can be used to obtain the total playing time by dividing this value by the rate given when libWildMidi was initialized by WildMidi_Init(3). Also when you divide current_sample by this value and multiplying by 100, you have the percentage currently processed.


This is the total time of MIDI events in 1/1000's of a second. It differs from approx_total_samples in that it only states the total time within the MIDI file and does not take into account the extra bit of time to finish playing sampling smoothly.


Using curved volume settings instead of linear ones.


The enhanced resampler is active


Reverb is being added to the final output.

See Also

WildMidi_GetVersion(3), WildMidi_Init(3), WildMidi_MasterVolume(3), WildMidi_Open(3), WildMidi_OpenBuffer(3), WildMidi_SetOption(3), WildMidi_GetOutput(3), WildMidi_GetMidiOutput(3), WildMidi_FastSeek(3), WildMidi_Close(3), WildMidi_Shutdown(3), wildmidi.cfg(5)


Chris Ison <chrisisonwildcode@gmail.com> Bret Curtis <psi29a@gmail.com>

Referenced By

WildMidi_ClearError(3), WildMidi_Close(3), WildMidi_ConvertBufferToMidi(3), WildMidi_ConvertToMidi(3), WildMidi_FastSeek(3), WildMidi_GetError(3), WildMidi_GetMidiOutput(3), WildMidi_GetOutput(3), WildMidi_GetString(3), WildMidi_GetVersion(3), WildMidi_Init(3), WildMidi_InitVIO(3), WildMidi_MasterVolume(3), WildMidi_Open(3), WildMidi_OpenBuffer(3), WildMidi_SetCvtOption(3), WildMidi_SetOption(3), WildMidi_Shutdown(3), WildMidi_SongSeek(3).

10 March 2016 WildMidi Programmer's Manual