WildMidi_FastSeek - Man Page

Move to a position in a midi file




#include <wildmidi_lib.h>

int WildMidi_FastSeek (midi *handle, unsigned long int *sample_pos);


Resets all note specific midi states and active notes before scanning to sample_pos samples from the beginning taking note of any changes to midi channel states. The next call to WildMidi_GetOutput(3) will behave as if you started to play the midi from that position.


The identifier obtained from opening a midi file with WildMidi_Open(3) or WildMidi_OpenBuffer(3)


The number of samples from the beginning you want libWildMidi to seek to.

NOTE: significant delay can occur when using this function. You can expect even more delay if you select a position that's already been passed forcing the library to start from the beginning.

See Also

WildMidi_GetVersion(3), WildMidi_Init(3), WildMidi_MasterVolume(3), WildMidi_Open(3), WildMidi_OpenBuffer(3), WildMidi_SetOption(3), WildMidi_GetOutput(3), WildMidi_GetMidiOutput(3), WildMidi_GetInfo(3), WildMidi_Close(3), WildMidi_Shutdown(3), wildmidi.cfg(5)


Chris Ison <chrisisonwildcode@gmail.com> Bret Curtis <psi29a@gmail.com>

Referenced By

WildMidi_ClearError(3), WildMidi_Close(3), WildMidi_ConvertBufferToMidi(3), WildMidi_ConvertToMidi(3), WildMidi_GetError(3), WildMidi_GetInfo(3), WildMidi_GetLyric(3), WildMidi_GetMidiOutput(3), WildMidi_GetOutput(3), WildMidi_GetString(3), WildMidi_GetVersion(3), WildMidi_Init(3), WildMidi_InitVIO(3), WildMidi_MasterVolume(3), WildMidi_Open(3), WildMidi_OpenBuffer(3), WildMidi_SetCvtOption(3), WildMidi_SetOption(3), WildMidi_Shutdown(3).

10 March 2016 WildMidi Programmer's Manual