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VRML97 Classes



class SoVRMLAnchor
The SoVRMLAnchor class is used for linking to other URL resources.
class SoVRMLAppearance
The SoVRMLAppearance class specifies visual properties for shapes.
class SoVRMLAudioClip
The SoVRMLAudioClip class is used to load and store audio data.
class SoVRMLBackground
The SoVRMLBackground class is used for specifying a viewer panorama.
class SoVRMLBillboard
The SoVRMLBillboard class is used for rotating geometry towards the viewpoint.
class SoVRMLBox
The SoVRMLBox class is used for representing a 3D box.
class SoVRMLCollision
The SoVRMLCollision class is used for collision detection with the avatar.
class SoVRMLColor
The SoVRMLColor class is used to specify multiple colors for a single shape.
class SoVRMLColorInterpolator
The SoVRMLColorInterpolator class is used to interpolate color values.
class SoVRMLCone
The SoVRMLCone class is used to represent a Cone object.
class SoVRMLCoordinate
The SoVRMLCoordinate class is used to define 3D coordinates for shapes.
class SoVRMLCoordinateInterpolator
The SoVRMLCoordinateInterpolator class is used to interpolate 3D coordinates.
class SoVRMLCylinder
The SoVRMLCylinder class is used to represent a cylinder object.
class SoVRMLCylinderSensor
The SoVRMLCylinderSensor class maps pointer motion into rotations around the Y axis.
class SoVRMLDirectionalLight
The SoVRMLDirectionalLight class is a node type for specifying directional light sources.
class SoVRMLElevationGrid
The SoVRMLElevationGrid class is used to represent elevation grids.
class SoVRMLExtrusion
The SoVRMLExtrusion class is a a geometry node for extruding a cross section along a spine.
class SoVRMLFog
The SoVRMLFog class is used to specify a global scene fog.
class SoVRMLFontStyle
The SoVRMLFontStyle class is used to define the current font.
class SoVRMLGroup
The SoVRMLGroup class is used for grouping VRML nodes.
class SoVRMLImageTexture
The SoVRMLImageTexture class is used for mapping a texture file onto geometry.
class SoVRMLIndexedFaceSet
The SoVRMLIndexedFaceSet class is used for representing a generic 3D shape.
class SoVRMLIndexedLine
The SoVRMLIndexedLine class is an abstract superclass for lines specified with indices.
class SoVRMLIndexedLineSet
The SoVRMLIndexedLineSet class is used to represent a generic 3D line shape.
class SoVRMLInline
The SoVRMLInline class is used to insert VRML files into a scene.
The SoVRMLLOD class is used to represent various levels of detail based on distance.
class SoVRMLMaterial
The SoVRMLMaterial class is used to assign a material to geometry.
class SoVRMLMovieTexture
The SoVRMLMovieTexture class is used the map movies onto geometry.
class SoVRMLNavigationInfo
The SoVRMLNavigationInfo class is used to specify avatar and viewer settings.
class SoVRMLNormal
The SoVRMLNormal class is used to bind normals to geometry.
class SoVRMLNormalInterpolator
The SoVRMLNormalInterpolator class is used to interpolate normals.
class SoVRMLOrientationInterpolator
The SoVRMLOrientationInterpolator class is used to interpolate orientations.
class SoVRMLPixelTexture
The SoVRMLPixelTexture class is used for mapping a texture image onto geometry..
class SoVRMLPlaneSensor
The SoVRMLPlaneSensor class maps pointer motion into object space translations.
class SoVRMLPointLight
The SoVRMLPointLight class is used to represent a point light.
class SoVRMLPointSet
The SoVRMLPointSet class is used to represent a set of 3D points.
class SoVRMLPositionInterpolator
The SoVRMLPositionInterpolator class is used to interpolate 3D points.
class SoVRMLProximitySensor
The SoVRMLProximitySensor class is used to generate events when the viewer enters or exits a region.
class SoVRMLScalarInterpolator
The SoVRMLScalarInterpolator class is used to interpolate scalar values.
class SoVRMLScript
The SoVRMLScript class is used to control the scene using scripts.
class SoVRMLShape
The SoVRMLShape class holds geometry and geometry appearance nodes.
class SoVRMLSound
The SoVRMLSound class is used to represent a sound source.
class SoVRMLSphere
The SoVRMLSphere class is used to represent a spherical 3D object.
class SoVRMLSphereSensor
The SoVRMLSphereSensor class maps pointer motion into rotations on a sphere.
class SoVRMLSpotLight
The SoVRMLSpotLight class defines a spot light source.
class SoVRMLSwitch
The SoVRMLSwitch class is a group node for traversing selected children.
class SoVRMLText
The SoVRMLText class is used to represent text in a scene.
class SoVRMLTextureCoordinate
The SoVRMLTextureCoordinate class binds texture coordinates to vertex-based geometry.
class SoVRMLTextureTransform
The SoVRMLTextureTransform class defines a transformation applied to texture coordinates.
class SoVRMLTimeSensor
The SoVRMLTimeSensor class is a multi-purpose time event generator.
class SoVRMLTouchSensor
The SoVRMLTouchSensor class tracks to pointer position and sends events based on user interaction.
class SoVRMLTransform
The SoVRMLTransform class is a grouping node that defines a transformation for its children.
class SoVRMLViewpoint
The SoVRMLViewpoint class is a perspective camera class.
class SoVRMLVisibilitySensor
The SoVRMLVisibilitySensor class will generate events based on visibility.
class SoVRMLWorldInfo
The SoVRMLWorldInfo class contains information about the VRML scene.

Detailed Description

This is the set of items specified by VRML97, also known as VRML2.0. These nodes are different from VRML1/Inventor nodes in the way you structure them into scene-graphs, and in the requirements they set for traversing them correctly (VRML1/Inventor require that you traverse siblings on the left side before the node of interest, while for VRML2.0 this is not true).

You can find out more about VRML97 in The Annotated VRML2.0 Reference Manual.

The VRML97 specification is online at http://www.web3d.org/x3d/specifications/vrml/


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