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VIRTUAL_W - Man Page

Global define to obtain the virtual size of the screen. Allegro game programming library.


#include <allegro.h>

#define VIRTUAL_W;

#define VIRTUAL_H;


Global defines that return the width and height of the virtual screen, or zero if the screen has not been initialised yet. Example:

   char buf[100];
   uszprintf(buf, sizeof(buf),
             "The virtual screen size is %d x %d pixels",
             SCREEN_W, SCREEN_H);

See Also

screen(3), set_gfx_mode(3), SCREEN_W(3), SCREEN_H(3)

Referenced By

SCREEN_W(3), set_gfx_mode(3).

The man page VIRTUAL_H(3) is an alias of VIRTUAL_W(3).

version 4.4.3 Allegro manual