Ttk_CreateTheme man page

Ttk_CreateTheme, Ttk_GetTheme, Ttk_GetDefaultTheme, Ttk_GetCurrentTheme — create and use Tk themes.


Ttk_Theme Ttk_CreateTheme(interp, name, parentTheme);
Ttk_Theme Ttk_GetTheme(interp, name);
Ttk_Theme Ttk_GetDefaultTheme(interp);
Ttk_Theme Ttk_GetCurrentTheme(interp);


Tcl_Interp * interp (in)
The Tcl interpreter in which to register/query available themes.
Ttk_Theme parentTheme (in)
Fallback or parent theme from which the new theme will inherit elements and layouts.
const char * name (in)
The name of the theme.

See Also

Ttk_RegisterLayout, Ttk_BuildLayout

Referenced By

Ttk_GetCurrentTheme(3), Ttk_GetDefaultTheme(3) and Ttk_GetTheme(3) are aliases of Ttk_CreateTheme(3).

8.5 Tk Tk Themed Widget