Tss2_TctiLdr_Finalize - Man Page

Function to finalize a TCTI context instantiated by the Tss2_TctiLdr_Initialize function.


#include <tss2/tss2_tctildr.h>

TSS2_RC Tss2_TctiLdr_Finalize (TSS2_TCTI_CONTEXT **CONTEXT);


The Tss2_TctiLdr_Finalize() function destroys an instance of a TCTI context instantiated by the Tss2_TctLdr_Initialize() function. It also frees any resources associated with loading the required TCTI library.

The context parameter is a double pointer to a TCTI context. When successfully finalized the provided reference will be set to NULL by the function.

Return Value

This function returns no value.


Example code.

#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#include <tss2/tss2_tctildr.h>

TSS2_RC rc = Tss2_TctiLdr_Initialize (NULL, NULL, &ctx);
if (rc != TSS2_RC_SUCCESS) {
    fprintf (stderr, "Initialization of default TCTI context failed with "
             "response code: 0x%" PRIx32 "0, rc);
    exit (EXIT_FAILURE);

if (ctx != NULL)
    Tss2_TctiLdr_Finalize (&ctx);



TPM2 Software Project <https://github.com/tpm2-software/tpm2-tss>

See Also

Tss2_Tcti_Device_Init(3), Tss2_Tcti_Socket_Init(3), Tss2_TctiLdr_Initialize(3), Tss2_TctiLdr_Finalize(3), tcti-device(7), tcti-socket(7), tcti-tabrmd(7), tpm2-abrmd(8)


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Referenced By

tss2-tcti-cmd(7), Tss2_Tcti_Cmd_Init(3), tss2-tcti-device(7), Tss2_Tcti_Device_Init(3), tss2-tctildr(7), Tss2_TctiLdr_FreeInfo(3), Tss2_TctiLdr_GetInfo(3), Tss2_TctiLdr_Initialize(3), tss2-tcti-mssim(7), Tss2_Tcti_Mssim_Init(3), tss2-tcti-swtpm(7).

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