Tspi_Context_FreeMemory - Man Page

Free allocated memory for a given context.

TCG Software Stack Developers Reference


#include <tss/platform.h>
#include <tss/tcpa_defines.h>
#include <tss/tcpa_typedef.h>
#include <tss/tcpa_struct.h>
#include <tss/tss_typedef.h>
#include <tss/tss_structs.h>
#include <tss/tspi.h>

TSS_RESULT Tspi_Context_FreeMemory(TSS_HCONTEXT hContext, BYTE* rgbMemory);


Tspi_Context_FreeMemory frees memory allocated by the TSS Service Provider on a per-context basis. This should be used before Tspi_Context_Close is called, to avoid memory leaks.



The hContext parameter is the handle to the local context.


The rgbMemory parameter is a pointer to the memory block to be freed. If this is NULL, all memory blocks bound to the context are freed.

Return Codes

Tspi_Context_FreeMemory returns TSS_SUCCESS on success, otherwise one of the following values is returned:


hContext is not a valid handle.


An internal SW error has been detected.

Conforming to

Tspi_Context_FreeMemory conforms to the Trusted Computing Group Software Specification version 1.1 Golden

See Also

Tspi_Context_Create(3), Tspi_Context_Close(3).

Referenced By

Tspi_Context_GetDefaultPolicy(3), Tspi_Context_GetTpmObject(3), Tspi_TPM_GetRandom(3), Tspi_TPM_OwnerGetSRKPubKey(3).

2004-05-25 TSS 1.1