Tspi_Context_Connect - Man Page


Tspi_Context_Connect- connect a TSP to a Core Services daemon


#include <tss/platform.h>
#include <tss/tcpa_defines.h>
#include <tss/tcpa_typedef.h>
#include <tss/tcpa_struct.h>
#include <tss/tss_typedef.h>
#include <tss/tss_structs.h>
#include <tss/tspi.h>

TSS_RESULT Tspi_Context_Connect(TSS_HCONTEXT hLocalContext, UNICODE* wszDestination);


Tspi_Context_Connect creates a connetion between the application and the local or remote TSS System.



The handle to the context to be connected.


A null terminated unicode string which specifies  the local or remote system to which one will be connected. If wszDestination is NULL, the connection will be to a local TCS.

Return Codes

Tspi_Context_Connect returns TSS_SUCCESS on success, otherwise one of the following values are returned:

TSS_E_INVALID_HANDLE - hLocalContext is an invalid handle.

TSS_E_INTERNAL_ERROR - An error occurred internal to the TSS.

Conforming to

Tspi_Context_Connect conforms to the Trusted Computing Group Software Specification version 1.1 Golden

See Also

Tspi_Context_Create(3), Tspi_Context_Close(3).

Referenced By

Tspi_Context_Close(3), Tspi_Context_Create(3), Tspi_Context_GetDefaultPolicy(3), Tspi_Context_GetTpmObject(3).

2004-05-26 TSS 1.1 TCG Software Stack Developer's Reference