Tk_FreeXId - Man Page

make X resource identifier available for reuse


#include <tk.h>

Tk_FreeXId(display, id)


Display *display (in)

Display for which id was allocated.

XID id (in)

Identifier of X resource (window, font, pixmap, cursor, graphics context, or colormap) that is no longer in use.


The default allocator for resource identifiers provided by Xlib is very simple-minded and does not allow resource identifiers to be re-used. If a long-running application reaches the end of the resource id space, it will generate an X protocol error and crash. Tk replaces the default id allocator with its own allocator, which allows identifiers to be reused. In order for this to work, Tk_FreeXId must be called to tell the allocator about resources that have been freed. Tk automatically calls Tk_FreeXId whenever it frees a resource, so if you use procedures like Tk_GetFont, Tk_GetGC, and Tk_GetPixmap then you need not call Tk_FreeXId. However, if you allocate resources directly from Xlib, for example by calling XCreatePixmap, then you should call Tk_FreeXId when you call the corresponding Xlib free procedure, such as XFreePixmap. If you do not call Tk_FreeXId then the resource identifier will be lost, which could cause problems if the application runs long enough to lose all of the available identifiers.


resource identifier


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