Tcl_GetVersion - Man Page

get the version of the library at runtime


#include <tcl.h>

Tcl_GetVersion(major, minor, patchLevel, type)


int *major (out)

Major version number of the Tcl library.

int *minor (out)

Minor version number of the Tcl library.

int *patchLevel (out)

The patch level of the Tcl library (or alpha or beta number).

Tcl_ReleaseType *type (out)

The type of release, also indicates the type of patch level. Can be one of TCL_ALPHA_RELEASE, TCL_BETA_RELEASE, or TCL_FINAL_RELEASE.


Tcl_GetVersion should be used to query the version number of the Tcl library at runtime.  This is useful when using a dynamically loaded Tcl library or when writing a stubs-aware extension.  For instance, if you write an extension that is linked against the Tcl stubs library, it could be loaded into a program linked to an older version of Tcl than you expected. Use Tcl_GetVersion to verify that fact, and possibly to change the behavior of your extension.

Tcl_GetVersion accepts NULL for any of the arguments. For instance if you do not care about the patchLevel of the library, pass a NULL for the patchLevel argument.


version, patchlevel, major, minor, alpha, beta, release


7.5 Tcl Library Procedures