TIFFPrintDirectory.3tiff man page

TIFFPrintDirectory — print a description of a TIFF directory


#include <tiffio.h>

void TIFFPrintDirectory(TIFF *tif, FILE *fd, long flags)


TIFFPrintDirectory prints a description of the current directory in the specified TIFF file to the standard I/O output stream fd. The flags parameter is used to control the level of detail of the printed information; it is a bit-or of the flags defined in tiffio.h:

#defineTIFFPRINT_NONE0x0/* no extra info */
#defineTIFFPRINT_STRIPS0x1/* strips/tiles info */
#defineTIFFPRINT_CURVES0x2/* color/gray response curves */
#defineTIFFPRINT_COLORMAP0x4/* colormap */
#defineTIFFPRINT_JPEGQTABLES0x100/* JPEG Q matrices */
#defineTIFFPRINT_JPEGACTABLES0x200/* JPEG AC tables */
#defineTIFFPRINT_JPEGDCTABLES0x200/* JPEG DC tables */


In C++ the flags parameter defaults to 0.

See Also

libtiff(3TIFF), TIFFOpen(3TIFF), TIFFReadDirectory(3TIFF), TIFFSetDirectory(3TIFF)


December 12, 1991 libtiff