Sympa::Tools::Time.3Sympa - Man Page

Time-related functions


This package provides some time-related functions.


date_conv ( $arg )

Function. TBD.

duration_conv ( $arg, [ $startdate ] )

Function. TBD.

epoch_conv ( $arg )

Function. Converts a human format date into an Unix time. TBD.

get_midnight_time ( $time )

Function. Returns the Unix time corresponding to the last midnight before date given as argument.

gettimeofday ( )

Function. Returns an array (second, microsecond) of current Unix time.

If the system does not have gettimeofday(2) system call, this function emulates it.


Sympa::Tools::Time appeared on Sympa 6.2a.37.

gettimeofday() function was introduced on Sympa 6.2.10.


2023-07-22 sympa 6.2.72