Sympa::Spool::Outgoing.3Sympa - Man Page

Spool for outgoing messages


  use Sympa::Spool::Outgoing;
  my $bulk = Sympa::Spool::Outgoing->new;

  $bulk->store($message, ['user@dom.ain', 'user@other.dom.ain']);

  my ($message, $handle) = $bulk->next;


Sympa::Spool::Outgoing implements the spool for outgoing messages.


new ( )

Constructor. Creates new instance of Sympa::Spool::Outgoing.

next ( [ no_filter => 1 ] )

Instance method. Gets next packet to process, order is controlled by message priority, then by packet priority, then by delivery date, then by reception date. Packets with future delivery date are ignored (if no_filter option is not set). Packet will be locked to prevent multiple processing of a single packet.




Two-elements list of Sympa::Message instance and filehandle locking a packet.

quarantine ( $handle )

Instance method. Quarantines a packet. Packet will be moved into bad/ subdirectory of the spool.



Filehandle, Sympa::LockedFile instance, locking packet.


True value if packet could be quarantined. Otherwise false value.

remove ( $handle )

Instance method. Removes a packet. If the packet is the last one of bulk sending, corresponding message will also be removed from spool.



Filehandle, Sympa::LockedFile instance, locking packet.


True value if packet could be removed. Otherwise false value.

store ( $message, $rcpt, [ original => $original ], [ tag => $tag ] )

Instance method. Stores the message into message spool. Recipients will be split into multiple packets and stored into packet spool.



Message to be stored.  Following attributes and metadata are referred:


SMTP “MAIL FROM:” field.


Message priority.


Packet priority, assigned as sympa_packet_priority parameter by each robot.


Unix time when the message would be delivered.


Unix time in floating point number when the message was stored.


Scalar, scalarref or arrayref, for SMTP “RCPT TO:” field(s).

original => $original

If the message was decrypted, stores original encrypted form.

tag => $tag



If storing succeeded, marshalled metadata (file name) of the message. Otherwise undef.

too_much_remaining_packets ( )

Instance method. Returns true value if the number of remaining packets exceeds the value of the bulk_fork_threshold config parameter.

Configuration Parameters

Following site configuration parameters in sympa.conf will be referred.


Directory path of outgoing spool.

Note: Named such by historical reason. Don't confuse with queueoutgoing for archive spool (see Sympa::Spool::Archive).


The umask to make directory.


Sympa::Spool::Outgoing is not a real subsclass of Sympa::Spool.

See Also

bulk(8), Sympa::Mailer, Sympa::Message.


Bulk module initially written by Serge Aumont appeared on Sympa 6.0. It used database tables to store and fetch packets and messages.

Support for DKIM signing was added on Sympa 6.1.

Rewritten Sympa::Bulk appeared on Sympa 6.2, using spools based on filesystem. It was renamed to Sympa::Spool::Outgoing on Sympa 6.2.45b.3.


2022-07-23 sympa 6.2.68