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Sympa::Spool::Automatic.3Sympa - Man Page

Spool for incoming messages in automatic spool


  use Sympa::Spool::Automatic;
  my $spool = Sympa::Spool::Automatic->new;

  my ($message, $handle) = $spool->next;


Sympa::Spool::Automatic implements the spool for incoming messages in automatic spool.


See also "Public methods" in Sympa::Spool.

next ( [ no_filter => 1 ], [ no_lock => 1 ] )

Instance method. Order is controlled by modification time of files and delivery date, then, if no_filter is not set, messages with possibly higher priority are chosen and messages with lowest priority (z or Z) are skipped.

store ( $message, [ original => $original ] )

In most cases, familyqueue(8) program stores messages to automatic spool. This method is not used in ordinal case.

Context and metadata

See also "Marshaling and unmarshaling metadata" in Sympa::Spool.

This class particularly gives following metadata:


Unix time when the message would be delivered.

Configuration Parameters

Following site configuration parameters in sympa.conf will be referred.


Directory path of list creation spool.

See Also

sympa_automatic(8), Sympa::Message, Sympa::Spool.


Sympa::Spool::Automatic appeared on Sympa 6.2.6.


2023-07-22 sympa 6.2.72