Sympa::Spindle::ProcessTemplate.3Sympa - Man Page

Workflow of template sending


  use Sympa::Spindle::ProcessTemplate;

  my $spindle = Sympa::Spindle::ProcessTemplate->new( options... );


Sympa::Spindle::ProcessTemplate defines workflow to send messages generated from template.

When spin() method is invoked, it takes an message generated from template, sends the message using another outgoing spindle and returns.

Public methods

See also "Public methods" in Sympa::Spindle.

new ( template options, [ splicing_to => [spindles] ], [ add_list_statistics => 1 ] )
spin ( )

new() may take following options.

template options

See "new" in Sympa::Message::Template.

splicing_to => [spindles]

A reference to array containing Sympa::Spindle subclass(es) by which the message will be sent. By default ['Sympa::Spindle::ToOutgoing'] is used.

add_list_statistics => 1



See also "Properties" in Sympa::Spindle.


Instance of Sympa::Message::Template class.


'success' is set if processing succeeded. 'failure' is set if processing failed.

See Also

Sympa::Message::Template, Sympa::Spindle, Sympa::Spindle::ToListmaster, Sympa::Spindle::ToMailer, Sympa::Spindle::ToOutgoing.


Sympa::Spindle::ProcessTemplate appeared on Sympa 6.2.13.


2023-01-21 sympa 6.2.70