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Workflow of digest sending


  use Sympa::Spindle::ProcessDigest;

  my $spindle = Sympa::Spindle::ProcessDigest->new;


Sympa::Spindle::ProcessDigest defines workflow to distribute digest messages.

When spin() method is invoked, messages kept in digest spool of each list are compiled into digest messages (MIME digest, plain text digest or summary) and stored into outgoing spool. Lists not reaching the time to distribute digest are omitted.

Public methods

See also "Public methods" in Sympa::Spindle.

new ( [ send_now => 1 ], [ keep_digest => 1 ] )
spin ( )

If send_now is set, spin() stores digests of all lists keeping unsent digests into outgoing spool, including the lists not reaching time to distribute. If keep_digest is set, won't remove compiled messages from digest spool.


See also "Properties" in Sympa::Spindle.


Instance of Sympa::Spool::Digest::Collection class.

See Also

Sympa::Spindle, Sympa::Spool::Digest, Sympa::Spool::Digest::Collection.


Sympa::Spindle::SendDigest appeared on Sympa 6.2.10. It was renamed to Sympa::Spindle::ProcessDigest on Sympa 6.2.13.


2023-07-22 sympa 6.2.72