Sympa::Request::Handler::include.3Sympa - Man Page

include request handler


Includes users from data sources to a list.

Opens data sources, include or update list users with each of them and closes. TBD.

See Also

Sympa::DataSource, Sympa::List.

"admin_table", "exclusion_table", "inclusion_table" and "subscriber_table" in sympa_database(5).


The feature to include subscribers from data sources was introduced on Sympa 3.3.6b.4. Inclusion of owners and moderators was introduced on Sympa 4.2b.5.

Datasource module appeared on Sympa 5.3a.9. Entirely rewritten and renamed Sympa::DataSource module and Sympa::Request::Hander::include module appeared on Sympa 6.2.45b.


2023-06-01 sympa 6.2.72